Projects & Industries

Our clients cover a wide gambit of industries, each with unique challenges and needs.

Manufacture & Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management

Accounting, Retail & Training

Transport & Logistics

The Toolkit of choice

If you have experience with one or more of these, or you're looking for experience and are willing to learn new langeuages, we'll consider your application.

Omnis Studio

The product used for most of our programming is Omnis Studio, which is a rapid application development environment. The software has a built-in database engine, object oriented design, and is cross platform. In the office, we primarily develop on Macs, although our client base includes user of Macs, Windows & Linux.

Although not widely used in Perth, Omnis Software Ltd reports that the Omnis Studio database software serves a groing number of users, in over 20,000 unique customers world wid. Logical Developments have been acknowledged as an Omnis success story. The write up on their website gives you some insight into Logical Developments and the work we do.

The rest of the Toolkit



The Task

Download the latest version of Omnis Studio from Omnis Softare Ltd. They offer a fully functional version on their website.

Download and complete the 'Introducion to Omnis Studio' tutorial from the Omnis website.

There is also a New Users section, available form the Tools menu (inside the Omnis application) which has some helpful code examples.

When you think you understand how it all fits togetherm have a go at building a small application (this should take no more than two days).

We suggest something like a time/work planner that allows you to enter:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Jobs
  • Task information

Record the number of hours worked against each task etc. using a paletter type window (the window should have some drop down lists to select client, job, task, and have a button to start/stop the timer). Print a summary of the hours, subtotalled by client.


On completing this task, email Caroline -

Please include in your email:

  • A brief introduction of how you heard of Logical Developments
  • Outline the time it took you to:
    • download Studio.
    • familiarise yourself with it.
    • how long it took you to code the solution.
  • Attach a zipped archive containing:
    • A cover letter
    • Your resume
    • Your solution to the task (.lbs file)
    • The data file you have created to demonstrate your solution (.df1 file)
    • Your (short) specification of the solution and a brief self-analysis of how you adhered to it, or didn't.(specifications can 'evolve' over time as you discover 'Plan A' doesn't work as anticipated.)

What we'll do

We will evaluate your response and solution before discussing it with you. That will determine your acceptance for a position, and/or your addition to our team of casual programmers. We can make no promises: however, doing this task can only enchance you ability as a programmer, whether that be for Logical Developments or another company.