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Feature Focus: Back Freight in ConNote

Paul Mulroney - 28 Apr 2022

The business of transport is a fast-moving and heavily paper-oriented industry requiring consignment paperwork for every item shipped. While not always possible, consignments are entered into the Transport Management System at the beginning of the freight process. In a situation where there are consignments coming back to the main depot (i.e. back-freight), the remote depot staff are often unable to enter the consignment details before sending the freight. Instead the paper work travels with the driver and is entered after the freight has been delivered.

Typically consignments are priced at the point of entry – when you enter the consignment, the cost for job is calculated as at the time of entry. In today’s rapidly changing times, fuel levies and other charges are being updated regularly.  If there is a delay in entering consignments into the system, the prices may have changed and not reflect the actual costs to transport the goods.

Logical Developments' Transport Management System ConNote has the ability to back-date consignments. You can enter the “Date of Effect”, i.e. the date that the items were shipped, and the system retrieves the price list for the customer as at that date - including any fuel levies that apply at that time.

The result is less time spent administering changes to correct charges against the consignments made to the customer. The customer is correctly charged based on the date of effect and can be issued their invoice sooner resulting in faster returns and less administrative overhead.

This is one the many ways that ConNote works to reduce the administration costs of your transport business. Contact Logical Developments today and ask how ConNote can improve the efficiency of your business!