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Release Notes: ConNote 5.34

Paul Mulroney - 14 Apr 2022

=== ConNote v5.33 ===
0011296: New Quote not clearing pickup button
Fixed display refresh problem when creating a new quotation after displaying a quotation with a pickup, and the button text does not reset.

0011299: Dangerous Goods data for Customer Portal - Work In Progress
Create database structures to hold dangerous goods information so the customer portal users can have the requisite fields pre-filled (UN code, class, etc.)

0011300: Convert pickup to consignment, check pickups
When converting pickups to connotes, the system will now automatically tick the “pickups” checkbox to charge a pickup fee. If customer has no pickup fee, nothing is charged.

0011304: Cubic Weight miscalculations
When calculating cubic weight without setting a conversion in Preferences the number is sometimes incorrect. This seems to be due to old conversions being 0.77 instead of defaulting at the current 333.

=== ConNote v5.34 ===
0011285: DIFOT add Date Created
Added created field to consignment total report.

0011307: Consignment Totals report, demurrage
Added Demurrage field to consignment total report. Resized the fonts in the report to always use smaller size.