The text "Release Notes: ConNote 5.37" sits in the middle of the image, with the text aligned to the right. Written across two lines, the first line is white and the second yellow on a blue background. Beneath the title in the right corner is the ConNote logo - the image of a stylised truck made to resemble a checkbox on a form. In the top left corner on a white background is the Logical Developments logo which is the outline of a diamond with the letter L and D sitting offset from each other inside it. They are each inside a rectangle.

Release Notes: ConNote 5.37

Paul Mulroney - 10 June 2022

=== ConNote v5.36 ===

0011298: Back dating data entry for consignments.

Fixed problem with toolbar functions triggering a recursive loop and causing ConNote to lock up.

=== ConNote 5.37 ===

0011313: Zero dollar consignments.  

On the generate invoices window, tweaked the filter options, the exception report and selection handling.  Now selected lines are highlighted.