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Release Notes: Emmaus 2.60

Paul Mulroney - Jul 15, 2022

LD0011401: Finding a Saved Gathering - Sorting Search
Fixed problem where if you searched for a record and got a list a matches, and you then sorted the search results, clicking on the line returned the wrong result.

LD0011402: Clear Data and Import
Fixed problem where if you imported a list of attendees to a gathering, and there was data already there, it would get stuck in an endless loop.

LD0011403: Uploading CSV
Fixed problem where uploading a CSV file doesn't work in certain web browsers. Gives the error "File does not appear to be a CSV".

LD0011404: 0 Attendees at Gathering from CSV file
Fixed problem when uploading a CSV list of attendees to a gathering, the data successfully uploads, but reports 0 attendees are added.

LD0011429: Import Team List with existing team
Fixed problem where if you have an existing walk with existing team members, and click on "Import Team List", you get stuck in an endless loop of asking if you want to discard the current list and import the new one.

LD0011431: Adding team members on the Walk form fail to save
Fixed problem where if you attempt to add members directly to the walk team list, and then click save, they do not save.