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Work with people you can trust. Handle commissioned based contracts and sell second-hand goods with ease. Tailored for schools and university, Bookshop provides students a way to sell their used text-books conveniently, for an agreed price, without having to wait around. Complete with an online store-front, let Bookshop be the one stop shop for all your needs.

Key Features

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Anytime, Anywhere

In-store, online or click and collect students can buy and sell books on the go.

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By Your Side

Available with companion iPhone and iPad apps, facilitate the buying and selling of books or handle stock-take with ease.

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Easy Cataloguing

Catalogue books once and for all with the Google Books API or ISBNdb.com. Scan the ISBN to populate the system with publicly available information about the book (author, edition, size & weight, etc).

The tools you need to get the job done!

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Contract Management

Handle a changing list of books being sold. Manage the details of the seller. Contract holders can check the status of their books online.

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Money Made Easy

Make payments for sold books with cash on-hand or ABA files for direct credit with the bank. Handle cash, card or credit at the Point of Sale.

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Inventory Management

Sell a range of convenience items from transport cards & stationary to food & drink.

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Unique Barcodes

Generate unique barcodes and integrate with a barcode scanner for easy sales!

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Range of reporting - from finances to liabilities, run the report needed to audit the well-being of the business.

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A Click Away

Search available stock online and see what is currently available. Integrate with SecurePay, eWay or NAB Sales are pre-authorised to safe guard against being charged for a book that was sold to someone else in person. Sales are finalised when a staff member completes the fulfillment order. This is used to finalise the transaction. Once finalised, the buyer is emailed to say their books are available for pick up. Complete with postage handling, allow students to have books delivered with the integration of the Australian Post postage calculator.