A stylised truck, with a large red tick to indicate that an item on a consignment note has been loaded onto the truck.


Growing with the Transport industry since '97, ConNote is a Transportation Management System that manages the consignment process from the initial quote through to invoicing. Minimising data entry, ConNote is the single source of truth, data is entered once and all the calculations flow from there. Suited to carriers working in various capacities - Less than Truckload, Full Truckload, Depot to Depot and Door to Door. Perfect for fleets that are transitioning away from analogue and spreadsheet heavy systems, ConNote cuts down on paper overload, bringing all the information into once place, improving tracking and traceability of each consignment.

Key Features

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Customer Portal

Skip the phone call, allow clients to generate and manage their own quotes and pickups. Enable them to track their consignments and view proof of delivery.

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Single Data Entry

Enter all the information needed once, and refer to the original consignment note from quote to manifest.

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Companion App

Drivers are able to see what they need to pick up and where from.

The tools you need to get the job done!

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Flexible Price Lists

ConNote dynamically manages pricelists - accounting for locations, freight size, weight & type (with validations for dangerous goods)

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Report Scheduler

The Sales and Invoicing team can periodically run reports to assist with cash-flow tracking.

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Robust Reporting

Communicate clearly with reports to cover every aspect of the consignment note.

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Pickup Status

Track the Pickup status of consignments, see what still needs to be done.

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Sensible Integrations

Integrations that make sense - export to the accounting package of choice.