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Sold under license from DataWerx, DataCare is a Customer Relationship Manager and Enterprise Resource Planning Program. Go big with customers – take advantage of the two-year history to predict and grow the manufacture and sales of goods. Have a finger on the pulse with the Sales Forecast report – anticipate demand and alter course accordingly. DataCare is centred around manufacturing, built for scale, and is equipped with the tools needed to handle inventory, production, multi-warehousing, multi-currency accounting, and distribution.

Key Features

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Sales Forecast Report

Have a finger on the pulse anticipate demand and alter course accordingly

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Rolling Stocktake

Have an accurate representation of stock levels with barcode scanner integrations

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GS1 & ANSI X12 Support

With support for barcodes, know what went where and who through while never losing track of international import duties

The tools you need to get the job done!

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Customer Relationship Manager

Details, Accounts, Purchase Orders, Activities, Contacts, Service Requests, Faults and General Correspondence 2-Year Purchase History, Allocation of Account Manager, Account Status, Sales History, Orders, Correspondence, Contacts, Service Requests, Pricing Notes, Activity, Web Dealer Locator, Online store, Customer Portal, EDI – E-Commerce & automated communications including invoicing. Auto resizing and multi-platform applications which work at site (factory floor scanners and PDF) and out on the road (mobile and live updating on service or sales orders and CRM activities) Quotations Service & Contractors Database Management

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Manufacure Resource Management

Supplier Information Automated Customer Invoice emails, E-Commerce, and reporting Product Information Product detail search, Results (in Sales Forecasting), Purchase orders, Activities, Serial numbers, Part of, Service, and Web Purchasing Sales Orders & Modifications Line Items, Customer Notes, Dispatch, Pricing Notes, Transport, Activities, Invoices, Works Orders and Bill of Quantity Serial Numbers – Product Life cycle Bar code integration and creation Multi-Currency Purchasing and Sales – E-Commerce Automated stock replenishment and sales forecasting tools Live assembly picking lists and current stock on hand Transport & Consignments Sales and productions – Sales & shipping

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General Ledger & Customisable Reporting

Details, Accounts, Purchase Orders, Activities, Contacts, Service Requests, Faults, and General Correspondence Web Interaction Purchasing Line items, Deliveries, Invoices, and Activities Purchase Order Line items, Supplier Notes, and Activities Modify Purchase Order Line items, Supplier Notes, Activities General Ledger Reporting Extensive reporting functionality is provided as a powerful analytical tool for planning, managing and much more.