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Handle the company payroll in a simple and straight-forward fashion. Payroll is a desktop accounting solution for your business needs. Adhering to the standards set by the Australia Taxation Office, Payroll is an accredited end-to-end Single Touch Payroll solution. Brimming with features and customisations. Payroll works across industries and can handle even the most complex shift work.

Key Features

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History Lookup

Quickly look up an employee's pay & leave history with Easy Access Reporting

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Leave Correction

Life happens and sometimes choices need to be changed. Booked leave can be easily changed without having to cancel and re-book

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Eagle Eye

See all of the key information for every employee collated into an easy to read format in the Single Window Pay-run

The tools you need to get the job done!

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ATO Compliant

Track all the information required by the ATO and more: - Current & Past Taxtables - Superannuation rates - Multiple leave types

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Know the Rules

Stay on top of all the rules depending on: - Location - Age - Casual days worked

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Batch Tools

Batch level tools for managing Allowances, Deductions and other special payday adjustments.

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The Full Report

Generate all the needed Reports: - Payday Summary - Remittance - Super Clearance - PAYG Summary - Payroll Audit Trail

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Cashing Out

Lots of accrued leave? Employees can book a leave cash-out on top of their regular pay.

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Integrations that make sense:

Generate ABA files and reports for a streamlined payment process. Using Payroll as a standalone tool? An export utility is available to streamline the necessary double entry into your accounting package.