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Release Notes: ConNote 5.42

Paul Mulroney - Jul 22, 2022

==== ConNote 5.42 release ====

0011275: Customer Portal New Pickup (internal)

ConvertToConsignmentFromPickup - Added WebMode to suppress dialogs if called from the portal.

0011309: Customer Portal - Drop Freight (internal)

Added critical block to convertToCosignment due to being unable to stop buffer memory use on 2 lines. ConvertToConsignment - Changed the use of buffer to a smart list, removed setting of current list to allow for use in web mode.

0011398: ConNote filing duplicates in rejected files

Document filing: Change how we handle rejected files.

0011422: Customer Portal Double-Check

Match the field length of Description in Pickup Items with Quote Items and Consignment Items.

0011425: Rate Reviews - trigger snapshot

Added option to create snapshots for price lists that have been updated manually. Replaced [#D] in oConote with coSQL date methods calls.

0011428: Effective date, fuel levy tooltip

Changed how Fuel Levy tooltip on Quotes and Consignments operates to be more consistent and correct.

=== Contacts 3.71 ===

0011400: Link fDepotName to fConSuburbs

Created table class component tConSuburbs to facilitate data management.

=== CoreMnger 2.76 ===

0011398: ConNote filing duplicates in rejected files

Improved handling for document filing - new method for deleting files with retries.

There have been other issues addressed in this version of Core Manager and Contacts as they relate to Scrap - read the release notes for Scrap 2.00 to read the details